Who loves a staycation?

This week I have been on a staycation.  My plans were to relax, enjoy the beautiful weather, exercise, and get up early.  Well the get up early part is not working out so well.  I’ve been staying up till 1am every night and sleeping in late. I do love the morning time however my true nature is I’m a night owl.  Last night I took a melatonin to help me fall asleep early, it worked but then the tossing and turning came and my mind started, which is like a broken record player. The solution get up write it down and say to yourself this is not the time to be thinking about this.  Anyways I’m now enjoying tea and a chocolate croissant (pain at chocolat if your in Paris).  And then off to a yoga class, many choices for yoga classes into area.

This past weekend I joined a few other ladies with a French language meetup group. We had a “pic nique” and painting session in Presidio Park. I’ve only been to this park one other time but I will have to go more. It’s peaceful, great place to enjoy a picnic and read. If you like to look at houses like I do then Mission Hills is the place.  Take a drive around the neighborhood.

I have met a nice group of people in the French meetup group.  My French language skills are terrible.  But I love the language and want to learn. I just keep putting it off. The members will speak French and I can only understand a few words and have trouble hearing and deciphering the questions they ask me.  The key to learning a foreign language is repetition and listening. When I feel brave I will start attending the conversation evenings.   I’m also watching YouTube including this one that teaches the French culture Comme une Française

Here’s some of the things I’ve been doing on my staycation.

Cookies are courtesy of Azucar in Ocean Beach, SD. A must for a yummy pastry.


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